Release 7.80

XYplorer 7.80 has been released on 06-Nov-2008. Here's a quick introduction to the main new features:

File Search now combines Boolean Logic with Regular Expressions.

The XYplorer search engine now can combine any number of Regular Expressions with Boolean operators AND, OR, and NOT, giving you unprecedented search power.

You may as well combine Regular Expressions and Standard Wildcard Patterns in one Boolean expression!

History per Tab. History per Tab (HPT) means that Back and Forward move within each tab's individual history, as opposed to the global history over all tabs. Depending on your work style this feature will boost your productivity by making better use of the tabbed approach to file management.
Scripting. Long awaited by scripters, global variables (implemented in a way very similar to the one used by PHP) will simplify many of your scripts.
File Search by Contents now supports pattern matching. This means you may enter wildcards * and ? in your contents definition. For example, the pattern drag*drop will find all files that contain the words "drag" and "drop" in that order and with any characters in between them:
Reporting. Now you have fully customizable one-click reports.

Example 1

::text report("{# @@@@} {Name}{Zebra |<crlf>|5}<crlf>", , "Files listed in <curpath>\ :<crlf><crlf>");
Show a report of filenames only, filling leading blanks to the line number, and adding an empty line after every 5 lines.

Sample output:

Files listed in D:\Program Files\XYplorer\ : 1 FindTemplates 2 NewItems 3 Scripts 4 Thumbs 5 catalog.dat 6 fvs.dat 7 ks.dat 8 LicenseXY.txt 9 ReadmeXY.txt 10 servers.dat 11 TipOfTheDay.htm 12 udc.dat 13 XYplorer.exe 14 XYplorer.hlp 15 XYplorer.ini

Example 2

::writefile("Report_<date yyyymmdd_hhnnss>.htm", report("<tr><td>{Name}</td> <td align=right>{Size B} {dir [DIR]|bytes|}</td> <td>{Created}</td><td>{Modified}</td></tr><crlf>", , "<table cellpadding=4>", "</table>"));
Generate an HTML table of the current folder and save it to Report_20081106_204344.htm (current date/time).

Sample output:

FindTemplates [DIR]2008-10-15 08:17:33
NewItems [DIR]2008-10-15 08:17:33
Scripts [DIR]2008-10-15 08:17:33
catalog.dat4.612 bytes2008-11-04 10:33:34
CatalogDefault.dat4.612 bytes2008-10-15 11:00:00
fvs.dat92 bytes2008-11-04 10:33:34
ks.dat8.224 bytes2008-11-04 10:33:34
LicenseXY.txt4.120 bytes2008-10-15 11:00:00
ReadmeXY.txt5.535 bytes2008-10-15 11:00:00
TipOfTheDay.htm20.120 bytes2008-10-16 07:51:58
udc.dat36 bytes2008-11-04 10:33:34
Uninstall.exe69.872 bytes2008-11-04 10:32:53
XYplorer.cnt1.244 bytes2008-10-15 11:00:00
XYplorer.exe3.096.576 bytes2008-11-04 10:32:18
XYplorer.hlp293.040 bytes2008-10-15 11:00:00
XYplorer.ini25.038 bytes2008-11-04 10:33:34
XYplorer.url49 bytes2008-11-04 10:32:53