Release 18.60

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XYplorer 18.60 has been released on 12-Dec-2017. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Self Update. Now the updated app will auto-run after self-update.

    Nothing to learn, nothing to configure, it just works. Simply click OK when you see this dialog (after doing Help | Online Support | Check for Updates) and lean back:

    There is an update.

    PS: Remember that all enhancements regarding self-update only affect updating from this version, not to this version.

  • Transparency Grid. Now you can customize the two checkerboard grid colors.

    This is the grid you get by factory default:

    Factory default grid colors.

    Now at Configuration | Preview | Preview | Image preview | Transparency grid you can customize both grid colors. For example:

    Some custom grid colors, lighter and bluer.

    If you don’t want the checkerboard grid but just one particular color simply set both colors to that same value. Here is a crass example:

    Non-checkered crass-colored grid.

    Showing the Grid: The grid can be toggled on/off at two places. For Preview, Mouse Down Blow Up, and Hover Box: Configuration | Preview | Image preview | Transparency grid. For Thumbnails: Configuration | Preview | Thumbnails | Show transparency grid.

    The custom grid colors also affect the grid in thumbnails:

    Thumbs on the grid.

  • Numerous Small Improvements and Fixes. See Change Log (about 3 MB).