Release 18.70

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XYplorer 18.70 has been released on 23-Jan-2018. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Filename Length Info. Now you can have a little info bar at the right end of the inline rename box showing the current length of the filename and also (in parentheses) the length of the full path. The bar turns red when the item name is overlong (longer than 259 characters) and warns you if you enter characters that are not valid in a filename.

    To enable the feature tick Configuration | Sort and Rename | Rename | Show name length while renaming. You will see something like this while renaming a file:

    Showing the length of filename and full path.

    When typing (or pasting) an illegal character (like double-quote in this case) you are immediately alerted:

    Showing that the name in its current state is invalid.

    There is also an alert when the path gets overlong (longer than 259 characters) in which case the Windows shell and many other programs cannot handle it anymore (XYplorer, of course, has no such problems):

    One character short of overlong.


  • Find Text in Text Boxes. Now all text boxes support a basic find dialog that lets you search for strings inside the text.

    When inside a text box press Ctrl+F (or F3 if you haven’t searched in this text box before) and you will see this dialog:

    Basic find text dialog.

    For example, you search the word "Cycladic" inside a text about Athens:

    Searching for Cycladic.

    When found the word is selected and scrolled into view:

    Found Cycladic.

    Press F3 to find the next occurrence. Press Shift+F3 to find the previous occurrence. Within the dialog you can hold down the Shift key while clicking OK or pressing ENTER to find the previous occurrence. There is a built-in most-recently-used list of up to 32 items.

  • More Labels. Raised the maximum number from 16 to 32, so now you can label your files with up to 32 different color labels.

    On Configuration | Information | Tags you can define up to 32 different color labels now.

    These are only the factory defaults. You can have 24 more.

  • Hover Box. Now it supports previewing cursor files.

    Nothing to explain here. It just works:

    Hovering the icon of a cursor file.

    Note that the Hover Box generally needs this to be ticked: Configuration | File Info Tips | Show image info and preview.