Release 25.80

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XYplorer 25.80 has been released on 22-Mar-2024. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Multi-Row Toolbar. Now you can have as many toolbar rows as you want. And you can show and hide less frequently used extra rows of buttons with a single keystroke of your choice.

    Configuring a multi-row toolbar is easy. Just open Tools | Customize Toolbar... (Ctrl+Shift+F9) and insert a New Row wherever you want to start a new row.

    A multi-row toolbar in the making.

    In the Customize Toolbar... dialog you can easily move the buttons around in the Current Buttons list by dragging them with the mouse.

    Use Window | Arrangement | Switch Toolbar Button Set to switch button sets.

    Here is a three-row toolbar (the top menu row is part of the toolbar):

    Three rows.

    After unchecking Window | Arrangement | Allow Multiple Button Rows the final row is hidden (the top menu row does not count here):

    Two of three rows.

  • Dark Mode Color Tint. Now you can choose from 360 available colors to add a nice tint to your darkness.

    Here are some examples (yes, all screenshots today use the Consolas font all over the place):

    Blue tint.

    Green tint.

    Red tint.

    For comparison, Dark Mode always looked like this before the Tint feature was added:

    Neutral tint. (Yawn)

  • Rename With Live Feedback. Now you can get live feedback as you type in the rename box. You can see if the current name is legal, already taken, longer than 259 characters, good to go. A valuable time and hassle saver.

    To enjoy this wonderful new feature ensure that Configuration | General | Sort and Rename | Rename | Show name length while renaming is checked.

    The following images should be self-explanatory:

    Name is invalid.

    Name already exists.

    Name is available.

    This is just a change in capitalization.

  • Encoding In Tooltip. Now you can display the encoding (Ascii, UTF-8, UTF-8 BOM, UTF-16LE, etc.) of the hovered file in the tooltip.

    This bit can be toggled on and off here: Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show file info tips | Select Extra Fields...

    This is what you get (look at the last line of the tooltip):

    The encoding is revealed by simply hovering over the filename.

  • Many Other Improvements. See change log (about 1.5 MB).