Release 25.50

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XYplorer 25.50 has been released on 30-Jan-2024. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Status Column. Now you can have the OneDrive Status column in the file list, including searching and filtering by availability status.

    Note that the Status column is supported in Windows 10 and higher. There is no point in showing it in Windows 8.1 or lower.

    The Status column is hidden by default. To show it, right-click on the Name column header and select Status from the pop-up menu:

    Ticking Status in the column header context menu.

    Once it is displayed, you can grab it by the column header and drag it to any position.

    Now that the ticking and dragging is done, you should see this (or something similar) when you are in a OneDrive folder:

    Status icons have tooltips to remind you what they mean.

    If the above is too dark and too small for you, check out this light mode screenshot:

    Light and large.

    If the icon tooltips don't cut it for you, you can also display the Availability status column. To do this, select menu View | Columns | Add Column, right-click on the new column header, select "Select Property...", and then select "Availability status" from the pop-up list. This is what you get:

    After adding the Availability status column.

    Searching and filtering by availability status is supported. The easiest way to do this is to Ctrl+right click on a cell in the Status column and select Quick Search or Live Filter from the pop-up menu:

    Filtering the list by availability status.

    This will now reduce the list to all items that have the same status as the item whose cell you right-clicked:

    List filtered by availability status.

    The Status column is supported by OneDrive on Windows 10 and later, as well as Dropbox on Windows 11 and likely other cloud services.

  • Many Other Improvements. See change log (about 1.5 MB).