Release 24.40

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XYplorer 24.40 has been released on 29-Apr-2023. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Mobile Hover Box. Now you can easily move the Hover Box (instant file preview on mouse over) from file to file with the navigation keys. Cool and useful.

    To enable the Hover Box ensure that the Hover Box button in the toolbar is pressed, or that Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show Hover Box is ticked.

    To display the first Hover Box, move your mouse over the icon or the caption (depending on your settings) of a file. Now you can move it with the navigation keys (Up, Down, Left, Right, PageUp, PageDown, Home, End). Works in all list views. Could look like this:

    The Mobile Hover Box in action. (Click to zoom)

    The Hover Box works with all kinds of items: images, text, documents, archives, folders, etc. It’s a handy time-saver to quickly move it over the various items in a folder. And while it is displayed, you can always press F1 to see a number of configuration options.

    By the way, the animation above shows only the list (without tree and catalog). This can be toggled by pressing F8.

  • Custom Event Sounds. Now supports all playable audio formats.

    To enable event sounds ensure that Configuration | General | Controls & More | Miscellaneous | Play a sound on certain events is ticked. And turn on your speakers.

    See here for how to customize the event sounds.

  • Open Folders with a Single Click. Now you can optionally open folders in the file list with a single click, just like in the folder tree.

    To enable the feature tick Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Usability | Mouse | Single-click to open an item and Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Usability | Mouse | Folders only. That’s it. It just works.

  • Many Other Improvements. See change log (about 1.5 MB).