Release 23.50

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XYplorer 23.50 has been released on 08-Aug-2022. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Overlaid Thumbnail Captions. Thumbnail captions can now be superimposed over the image like subtitles in a movie. Saves space and looks cool.

    Tick this to turn them on: Configuration | Preview | Thumbnails | Overlay caption. Here you can compare normal thumbnail captions with overlaid captions:

    Overlay caption = OFF. Note that the 3rd line of thumbs is not fully visible. (Click to zoom)

    Overlay caption = ON. The 3rd line of thumbs is now fully visible. (Click to zoom)

    Tip 1: You can quickly show/hide the thumbnail captions by pressing Ctrl+Numpad Add.
    Tip 2: You can tweak the opaqueness and colors of the caption overlays by manually editing the INI-key ThumbsOverlaySpecs. For example, this will show yellow text on semi-transparent red background: ThumbsOverlaySpecs=FFFF00,FF0000,128 (see screenshot below).

    See here for how to tweak the INI file.

    Overlay captions with tweaked colors. (Click to zoom)

  • Color-Code Folders by Content. Now color filters can be applied to folders in tree and list depending on what items they contain.

    As an example, let’s highlight all the folders that contain JPG files. This is the Color Filter definition that does the trick: B:prop:#contains.*.jpg:1 (the initial B: defines the scope: in Both Tree and List).

    Configuring the Color Filters in the Configuration dialog (F9). Our filter is at position 3. (Click to zoom)

    Here you can compare a folder tree without and with this content-based color filter:

    Content-based color filter OFF.

    Content-based color filter ON.

    As you can see, the content-based color filter immediately tells you where to look for the files you’re interested in and where not to bother. Saves time and energy.