A Frequently Asked Question

How to tweak XYplorer.ini?

A tweak is a manual change in the file "XYplorer.ini", XYplorer’s main settings file. It’s easy to do, you just need a text editor:

Tweaking XYplorer.ini

Click menu File | Save Settings (this will ensure that the key to tweak exists in XYplorer.ini).
Click menu Tools | Open Configuration File... (will open XYplorer.ini in your default text editor).
Edit the key in the text editor.

IMPORTANT: Do not create the key but look it up and edit its value! If you cannot find the key then your XYplorer version does not support the tweak.

For example, you want to edit the key SettingsWarnReadonly. This is the original line:


After your editing it looks like this:


Save the file in your text editor.

In XYplorer, click menu File | Restart without Saving.
Done. Now XYplorer should have read the tweaked value(s).

Why those tweaks? A number of XYplorer settings don’t have a GUI, i.e. they are not featured in the Configuration dialog or elsewhere in the interface, mainly to keep the application smaller and easier to use. Those settings are called "Tweaks".