Release 23.10

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XYplorer 23.10 has been released on 20-May-2022. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Wheel Through The List Views. Now you can scroll through the available 10 list views with the wheel, Ctrl+Wheel to be precise.

    To enable the feature tick Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Usability | Mouse | Use Ctrl+mouse wheel to scroll through the list views.

    Now you can Ctrl+Wheel over the active pane’s list to cycle the views (Details thru Thumbnails #3) of the active pane (WheelDown=Next View, WheelUp=Previous View).

    Scrolling through the views. (Click to zoom)

  • Auto-repeat Search At Next Location. Now you can automatically repeat the current search for the next selected location. No more browse-then-search, browse-then-search, browse-then-search, but just search, search, search.

    To enable the feature tick Configuration | Find and Filter | Find Files & Branch View | Find Files | Persist quick search across folders.

    Now when you run a Quick Search (F3) the same search is repeated on the next folder you go to within the current tab.

    Tip: If you click the current folder again in the folder tree the quick search mode is ended.
  • Skip Invisible Subfolders. Now you can control whether invisible subfolders are included in a recursive search.

    To enable the feature tick Configuration | Find and Filter | Find Files & Branch View | Find Files | Skip invisible subfolders.

    The idea is that you don’t want to search what you don’t want to see.

  • Transparent Folders Through Color Filters. Now you get advanced folder color filters that show the type of folder content right in the file list. Saves you a lot of guessing and opening.

    Check this out, the color filters for folders show the type of content right in the file list:

    Looking through them. (Click to zoom)

    This is the configuration page where you set up your color filters:

    Looking through them. (Click to zoom)

    These are the color filter definitions needed for the screenshot above:

    B:prop:#empty:2|fl //empty folders
    L:prop:#nosubs:2 //folders without subs

    The colors are your choice. For the details check out the Help file.

  • Show Bitness In Tooltip. The bitness (32-bit or 64-bit) is now displayed at the end of the tooltip for all file types where it makes sense (EXE, DLL, DRV, TLB, etc).

    Nothing to do for you, it just works:

    See the bitness at the bottom of the tooltip. (Click to zoom)

  • Compilation Soundtrack. Compiled to the music of Obongjayar.