Release 20.10

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XYplorer 20.10 has been released on 03-Jun-2019. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Clipboard Markers. A new way to mark items that are currently on the clipboard and whether they have been cut or copied.

    First you ensure they are turned on: Configuration | Colors and Styles | Styles | Clipboard markers. "Dimmed icons" is the conventional way, "Colored lines" is the exciting new stuff. You can even go all the way and combine them:

    Clipboard Markers configuration options.

    Now let’s select some items and press Ctrl+C:

    Select some items...

    ... and press Ctrl+C. The blue line marks the items that are in the clipboard now.

    As you see, the copied items are slightly shifted to the right and a vertical line is drawn to the left of them, a nice little effect you can easily see from the corner of your eye. You can be assured now that the copy really happened.

    Now if you cut the same items using Ctrl+X you’ll get this:

    After pressing Ctrl+X, it’s an orange line that marks the items that are in the clipboard now. Since we ticked "Dimmed icons" the icons are dimmed, which is the conventional way to mark cut items.

    Note that selections are independent from the Clipboard Markers, of course:

    Some of the selected items are in the clipboard now. Some of the items in clipboard are selected now.

    The clipboard is constantly watched by XYplorer, so if other processes send items to the clipboard (or remove them from there) you will immediately see it in XYplorer (if those items are currently shown in the folder tree or the file list).

    By the way, the Clipboard Markers are also shown in the folder tree:

    Folders 20.00 and 20.10 are copied to the clipboard.

  • Sorting. Now you can choose between three sort methods in folder tree and file list: Binary, Textual, Natural.

    Find the setting here: Configuration | General | Sort and Rename | Sort | Sort method.

    • Binary: Results in a sort order based on comparisons of the internal binary representations of the characters as determined by the active code page.
      A!=a, A<B<a<b, 1<12<2
    • Textual: Results in a sort order based on case-insensitive comparisons of the characters as determined by the system’s locale.
      A==a, 1<12<2
    • Natural: Results in a textual sort order, except that multi-digit numbers are ordered according to their numeric value. Also known as "intuitive filename sorting".
      A==a, 1<2<12

    To illustrate the differences here are 8 files sorted in 3 ways:




  • Recent Location Pins. Now you can customize the color and the number of the pins.

    The first thing you do is turn them on: Simply click menu Tools | Customize Tree | Recent Location Pins. That’s all. Now you should see something like this in the folder tree:

    Pins in factory default color. Left image Dark Mode, right image Light Mode.

    Go here to customize the color and the number of pins: Configuration | Colors and Styles | Highlights & Dark Mode | Recent location pins:

    Recent Location Pins configuration options.

  • Reset Zoom. Now you can reset the font zoom to the startup values by pressing Ctrl+0.

    You can easily zoom the font size by using Ctrl+MouseWheel. Now you can just as easily go back to the original size by using Ctrl+0 (Ctrl+Zero).