Release 19.00

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XYplorer 19.00 has been released on 24-May-2018. Here’s a quick introduction to the main new features:

  • Hover Box. XYplorer’s zero click wonder, the Hover Box, now supports thumbnail previews for text, image, video, office, and PDF files. A pleasure for your eyes and your tendons. Immediate addiction guaranteed.

    The so-called "Hover Box" is a popup window showing a small file preview plus some file data, e.g. in case of images: a thumbnail and basic file, image, and (if applicable) photo data. The image thumbnail has a maximum space of 500 x 500 pixels, other previews can be slightly larger depending on the file type. The idea is to get a small preview without any clicking, a Zero Click Preview.

    The Hover Box showing the preview of a text file.

    First thing to do in a fresh installation is to enable the feature. Tick this: Configuration (F9)| Information | File Info Tips | Show Hover Box.

    Then use the Apply To... button to select the file types the Hover Box shall be shown for:

    Hover Box configuration.

    Tip: To show the Hover Box only when hovering the file icon (not the whole caption) tick this: Configuration | Information | File Info Tips | Show info tips only when hovering file icon. In this section you can also set the Initial delay in milliseconds.
    Note: Which previews works and which not depends on the Preview Handlers and IFilters that are installed on your system. Currently both types of shell extensions need to be present in their 32-bit flavor to work the XYplorer. Support for 64-bit shell extensions is expected to be coming soon.
  • Select On Hover. Optionally you can now select list items by just hovering their icon. Another comfy zero click service.

    Selected without a click.

    Enable it by ticking Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Safety | Mouse | Select list items on hover.

    If enabled a list item is selected (and focused) when you hover its icon (yep, only the icon, else it’d be just too extreme) for a certain minimum time (the delay, see below).
    Holding CTRL or SHIFT works just like with normal click-selection.
    The delay is controlled by Configuration | Information | File Info Tips | Initial delay in milliseconds.
    Tip: Untick Configuration | Information | File Info Tips | Show info tips only when hovering file icon so you still can see file info tips and Hover Box when hovering the caption of an item.
  • Find Hidden Files. The new "Find hidden" option lets you find all items regardless of any settings that might currently hide them.

    Find the "Find hidden" option in the Info Panel (F12) / Find Files / Name & Location:

    Here "Find hidden" is OFF.

    Now, with "Find hidden" OFF, let’s search for *.db files, which are current hidden from the file list (Hide Protected Operating System Files is enabled, see the pushed down "eye" button in the toolbar). Result: None found.

    None found.

  • Now, do the same search with "Find hidden" ON. Result: One found.

    One found!

    By the way, Quick Search (F3) also supports finding hidden files. Simply append the /a switch ("find all"):

    Finding Hidden Files with Quick Search