Session Manager [v6.00]

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Re: Session Manager [v6.00]

Post by klownboy » 10 Jan 2019 18:45

Once again Flux, thanks very much for the v6.00 update. I haven't used your new catalog saving feature since I only have one catalog, but everything else is working great. :appl:

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Re: Session Manager [v6.00]

Post by oblivion » 13 Jan 2019 11:58

Brilliant -- thanks!

This is my most relied-upon script, I use it multiple times a day, and your continued work on it is quite wonderful. Just sayin' :appl: :biggrin:
-- bests, Tim

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Re: Session Manager [v6.00]

Post by FluxTorpedoe » 19 Jan 2019 17:32

Thanks for the feedback!

   Personally, I dig the new “Window Position and Size” feature. :mrgreen:
   I also use it with regular sessions:
   I have updated my default layout with a finely tuned window size and position which works most of the time, but sometimes I need to further resize or move XY (for windows with specific drag and drop locations); then afterwards, no need to readjust the window manually as I used to: I just reset the layout to default and Bang! Welcome back to efficiency territory! 8)

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