Best firefox addons

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Best firefox addons

Post by robertu »

For most of the addons i have tested with similar ones to get best and updated ones only image saver -- to save images from right tabs,all tabs,current tab with shortcut

2.Double-click Image Downloader

3.tweaks for youtube -- Over 70 features

4.toolbox for google play store

5.web search navigator -- to navigate in google by shortcuts like up/down to go to next/prev results and left/right to go to next page

6.searchmage -- many options to customize google images restored image sizer -- to filter images in google by megapixels

9.undo close tab

10.nextpage by sylecn -- go to next page with press of n

11.reload all tabs in window

12.foxscroller -- autoscroll sites with custom speed in pixels,toggle direction

13.enhancer for youtube

14.hotkeys to switch tabs left and right

15.shortkeys(custom keyboard shortcuts) session manager

17.linkificator -- to convert links to clickable links by image

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Re: Best firefox addons

Post by Horst »

I only need a few addons.
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Re: Best firefox addons

Post by iaseac »

Has anyone found a 'real' program that will sort a large volume of bookmarks in FireFox?
Yes I know about the manage screen. It is too clumsy to use - what I have in mind is like "Recently Bookmarked" in reverse chronological order.
I have tested a number of them periodically.


Re: Best firefox addons

Post by lakeir »

19.gesturefy -- gestures

20.Speed Dial | SwiftDial -- dials for sites to open quickly

21.custom scrollbars

22.photoshow and bottom scroll buttons counter plus


26.I don't care about cookies

27.AdBlock for Firefox

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Re: Best firefox addons

Post by Bumpyride »

SingleFile - can't live without it.
Saves the whole webpage -as is- locally in an html file. Page looks and feels the same as the original - magic!

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Re: Best firefox addons

Post by Veethoben »

Also I like Fullscreen Maps, but does not work in Firefox.
(so, i use Vivaldi)
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