XYplorer does not comply with windows display scaling

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XYplorer does not comply with windows display scaling

Post by CFTwFSgJaLsDUrLv » 28 Jul 2020 15:36

I have a new laptop and additional monitor with 4K resolution. The laptop is 15" and is set to 225% scaling, the monitor is bigger and set to 125%.
(Previously when I bought XYplorer, I had been using a Full HD 17" laptop and 24" monitor both set to 100%.)

On the monitor, XYplorer is usable as the title bar and internal fonts are virtually the same as on browsers and other programmes.

On the laptop, it is only about half the size. That makes it very hard to read and close to unusable. I could increase the font sizes in the XYplorer settings but then the whole thing looks wrong, and it is too big on the monitor.

If I change the display scaling, the opther apps all adjust, but XYplorer does not.

I cannot find any setting in XYplorer that allows me to force it to follow the Windows display scaling.

There is a work-around that at least makes the app usable on both, using compatibiilty settings in windows, but it is a kludge and looks bad.

Have I missed something? If not then this is a bug of XY, and please can this be fixed.

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Re: XYplorer does not comply with windows display scaling

Post by admin » 04 Aug 2020 15:11

Gotta wait for the next edition. It will be much more compatible with modern Windows.
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