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Post by SFmob » 01 Dec 2019 20:00

Ye olde skies' traveller chap, here, people! Hi again!

(I SWEAR I didn't had a name for this until I entered the forums to write this post lol)

By the last two years trying to get my hands on making the code, I was wondering on a way to easily navigate Steam Screenshots folders - I screenshot, guys. A lot. "Sir Screenshot-a-lot" was the initial name of the project". \o/ Some sequences are almost a frame-by-frame capture of what's being shown on the screen... And you know the drill: when trying to locate a specific capture or simply want to easily review a session, you either are forced into logging into Steam client (which definitely isn't the best way to perform such actions), or must find yourself lost among meaningless numeric folders for either games and users (quite cumbersome, if you manage family accounts).
Screenshots folder picker - the core functionality
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xSteamBoaty (lol) is a handy way to deal with the situation as it:

- presents a list of the Steam users you provide so in each run you just need to pick the one you need (the code will detect users having no screenshot folders), followed by a list of current screenshots' folders belonging to that specific user, displaying user friendly names for your favorite games - which also can be live filtered!, so you can quickly jump to a chosen games' captures and browse them using XYplorer's awesome Full Screen Preview capabilities;

- scans a Steam URLs folders (generally a Desktop folder can be pointed as source) as base to provide a list of friendly-named target folders, instead of the generic numbered ones;

- (optionally - but best way for faster operations) builds a local .txt-based database registering all the pertinent info, namely internal (numeric) names, game title and the local path for its icon.

Some additional features:

- random icons are randomly picked among Steam icons to represent users at each run;
Cool way to select the user, eh?
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- 3 ways to execute the code: retrieve info from database (near instant operation), retrieve live info (slower), retrieve live info and rebuild the database with current data;
Selecting mode of operation - type '1' pre-selected
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- portable mode support: the code allows working with different paths for everything, leaving room for custom sources for .URL steam links, steam icons folder, steam user data, plus custom source for icons which will indicate either invalid icons at .URL steam link or eventually missing .icos at Steam icons folder;

- a small tool will be published, allowing to perform fast live scans off of your entire games' library (based on created database), also providing quick access to a specific game icon.

--- HOW TO USE IT ---

Assuming you know the basics on how to execute XYplorer codes, you just need to provide the info required at CUSTOM USER DATA sections directly into the code (3 folders [desktop/probably, Steam icons and Steam user data], 3 files [plus paths: XY database/a simple .txt file, generic icon 1, generic icon 2] and a list of Steam users in the format "name of your choice (anything goes - it doesn't need to be the actual account names or aliases)|steam numeric correspondent|", each in its own paragraph) at the properly indicated area once, attach the code to a favorite way of running it (a button and/or a Custom Keyboard Shortcut, for instance)... and execute it. Everything else will be self-explanatory.

At the first execution, I'd suggest picking the option 3 at the "Which kind of database do you have...?" dialog - it's the one which will build the database, so further executions can be instantly done.

In the case of portable sources coming into play, a session-based mode will auto-start, asking for folder paths a single time if provided paths are not present anymore.


I plan to publish this tool on both Steam and GOG forums, the tool runs flawlessly in my Win 8.1 system but I'd really like to receive some input before actually making it public there.

Users in general:
1. could you please tell me what problems you may have found, usability issues, suggestions or other pertinent inputs?

2. can you please send me packs of your Steam .url shortcut files, so I can test the code against more actual files, also providing ways to build a large database that will be hosted at XY's forums, serving as a universal translator for those annoying number-based folders?

Experienced coders:
1. considering the multitude of inputs for the presented user-picked variables (specially since XY is multi-language, being used in more than 100 countries in the world), I could test a list of suggestions for valid paths before asking users such info. This would defeat the purpose of offering portable/multi-locations support, though. What you think?

2. is there a faster way to perform Steam URLs folder (re)scans, since I may be missing any improvements in the recent times?

3. is there a way to guess Steam users' names I'm not aware of?

Well... that's it, for now.
Have a good 2020 y'all and let's hope things get really better, anytime soon... I did my best trying to make it happen.
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