Can not 'Time-Stamp' in two of available formats

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Can not 'Time-Stamp' in two of available formats

Post by BobCrash » 13 Oct 2019 01:17

Any selected file, 'Info Panel','properties' tab, click on any of the three choices (created, mod, accessed), edit directly or use 'F1' picker, date changes to strange date, no real pattern... Traced it down to two of the available formats, '12-Oct-19', and '12-Oct-2019'. I just changed to one of these recently, so I just ran across this.

Tested with a number of the standard formats, ex: 12-10-2019, and it works fine. BTW, I do not display the time. Had the prob in 20.40, and now in 20.50, so I don't think it's new. Of course, there is always a chance I'm doing something wrong.... Thanks for such a fantastic tool!

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Re: Can not 'Time-Stamp' in two of available formats

Post by admin » 01 Nov 2019 17:02

Wow, indeed totally crappy. Fixing it...
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