Everything and XYplorer - My Everything Integration Settings

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Everything and XYplorer - My Everything Integration Settings

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I was setting up my computer again and was looking at what I had set for EVERYTHING by voidtools to access XYplorer. I noticed the question and excellent answer from highend in this link: viewtopic.php?f=3&t=20380&p=169206&hili ... ng#p169206

highend, of course, completely satisfied the OP with his suggestion. I personally do not have XY set as my default browser and prefer to access it from EVERTHING by enabling two optional context menu commands. My alternative method with this has the advantage of keeping to the default behavior of EVERYTHING with Explorer - only doing it with tabs inside of XY. It, as well as the above solution, does not write over tabs.

What this will do:

It makes "Explore" appear in the context menu, which goes into selected folders (like "Open") but within XY tab(s) and only appears when only folder(s) are selected.

It makes "Explore Path" appear, which opens parent folder(s) in XY, regardless of what is selected. It additionally selects the item within the XY tab in question.

I like doing it this way because it's consistent with the EVERYTHING default actions, and I can also choose whether or not I want a quick Explorer popup instead of opening XY. It's also dead simple.

Note: Multiple selections will open multiple tabs - just like "Open" and "Open Path" will open multiple Explorer instances, so be aware.



Open EVERYTHING and go to Options->General->Context Menu:

For both "Explore" and "Explore Path" select the "Show this Item" checkbox and paste the following into the correct "Command" entry.


Code: Select all

$exec("C:\Program Files $(x86$)\XYplorer\XYplorer.exe" "%1")
Explore Path:

Code: Select all

$exec("C:\Program Files $(x86$)\XYplorer\XYplorer.exe" /select="%1")
Note the "$" in front of "(" and ")" in the path. This is necessary from the EVERYTHING side.


I hope someone finds this useful. By all means check out highend's solution in the top link for an alternative.

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