Recycle Bin status

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Recycle Bin status

Postby gsbtcc » 13 Jun 2018 11:30

When XYplorer empties the recycle bin it should also reset its status to empty.
You should notice if you look in windows explorer or if you have the bin show on the desktop that it actually have two icons, one for empty status and one for trash in.
When you empty the bin without using XYplorer the status and icon resets to the empty state.

Also it would be very nice to see 'empty recycle bin' on the right click menu for the list pane when viewing the recycle bin.

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Re: Recycle Bin status

Postby admin » 15 Jun 2018 19:59

So when you say status you are just talking about the icon, right?

BTW, I just emptied the Recycle Bin in File Explorer, just to see how it does it. Wow, failed miserably: The list was not emptied, and the icon disappeared completely. :mrgreen:

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Re: Recycle Bin status

Postby Nighted » 16 Jun 2018 13:27

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