Display items ahead when scrolling up/down the list

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Re: Display items ahead when scrolling up/down the list

Post by SkyFrontier » 12 Mar 2017 19:54

SammaySarkar wrote::tup: Another nice addition - was missing this behavior. (in fact, I think I/someone might have wished for something like this earlier)
Probably me (too). I asked for this also in a contribution with a notepad-like app, few years ago, as well as in a personal info manager. Much missed feature...

EDIT: I discussed this in the implementation of "Miscellaneous | Focus Functions | Move Focused Item Into View", too.
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Re: Display items ahead when scrolling up/down the list

Post by autocart » 17 Mar 2017 09:44

SammaySarkar wrote:But, why not put this scroll margin setting in Controls and More | Miscellaneous?

I don't think Menu, Mouse, Safety is a fitting residence for this.
Also, you added a brandnew Useability header - it's a pretty generic name, and I can think of more than a handful options that can be better moved here.
definitely +1
did not want to mention this on my own, but I agree 100000%.

Besides, I found a scenario where it does not work (yet? bug?):
1) copy file (e.g. ctrl+c)
2) Edit / Paste Special / Paste Here As...
If the given name is not sorted into the currently visible part of the list, then it is is scrolled into view (as the most top or bottom icon) but ignoring the setting for scroll margin.

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Re: Display items ahead when scrolling up/down the list

Post by admin » 17 Mar 2017 10:10

I think it's okay as it it. And, contrary to you, I can look into the future. :)

OK, thanks. I'll wait if more of such glitches come up.
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