[planned] [AHK2] MButton-Drag-and-Scroll for XY Lists (and partly other scrollable content)

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[planned] [AHK2] MButton-Drag-and-Scroll for XY Lists (and partly other scrollable content)

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coming soon planned :D

UPDATE 231207:
I probably posted this a bit too early. I thought I was 80 % there. Turns out, the last 20 % are more complicated than I thought, or also maybe I want too much.

Anyway, I found out that not all programs accept the same "API" details of how a "notch" of the scrolling wheel should be sent to their GUI. Then, once I figure out how to send it, many programs interpret the "scrolling action" in any way that they seem fit and then add their own settings on top of the windows settings or ignore the windows settings all together. Well, I now decided to focus on XY and its lists, primarily. If the tool then works for other software GUIs too, fine, if not, so be it.

Just to be a bit more clear of what I have in mind:
Something similar to what exists in Firefox. But in XY it won't be as smooth, since XY lists ALWAYS scroll in full lines, even if you manually drag the scroll bar up and down. Anyway, I want it badly, so I will keep working on it. Might be another week, though, or something like that.

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