Xyplorer run on ARM64 computers?

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Xyplorer run on ARM64 computers?

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After reading this article https://www.zdnet.com/article/apples-m1 ... ailHash%7D which is blubbering about how well Windows 11 runs on a MacBook Pro with the M1 chip (using Parallels Desktop for Mac 17) and this Microsoft article on ARM64 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/window ... pps-on-arm, I was curious if anyone out there was running ARM64 and also if XYplorer can run in it. This is q quote from the MS site:
Win32 apps
In addition to UWP apps, Windows on ARM can also run Win32 desktop apps compiled natively for ARM64 as well as your existing x86 Win32 apps unmodified, with good performance and a seamless user experience, just like any PC. These x86 Win32 apps don’t have to be recompiled for ARM and don’t even realize they are running on an ARM processor.
Not that I'm ready to run out and buy a MacBook Pro anytime soon.
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Re: Xyplorer run on ARM64 computers?

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Curious as well
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Re: Xyplorer run on ARM64 computers?

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Marco wrote: 17 Feb 2022 00:12Curious as well
Works fine for me.

My config is: MacOS Ventura 13.4, XYplorer v24.40.0200 and Parallels Desktop 18 Standard Edition Version 18.3.0 (53606) in Coherence mode which makes the Windows apps behave as MacOS windows. I am really impressed, everything works so smoothly. I even installed MS Office 2019 on Windows on ARM and runs like a dream.

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