Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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jupe wrote: 17 Mar 2023 03:56
Dono wrote: 17 Mar 2023 02:52 Many friends in the forum also need image demonstrations or video tutorials to use the software.
There are image tutorials provided here:
Thank you for your recommendation

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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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terrytw wrote: 17 Mar 2023 05:43
hapocn wrote: 17 Mar 2023 05:24
terrytw wrote: 17 Mar 2023 02:43 Configuration | General | Menus, Mouse, Usability | Context Menus | Native context menu

It is now translated as 本地右键菜单, which roughly means local context menu, and it does not make sense to normal people.

I suggest use 原生右键菜单 or 自带右键菜单. Maybe you can think of better options, but 本地右键菜单 is not a very good one.
Your translations is very good, why dont' you take over the work.
I just saw the translation has bee delay over months, so I upload a temporary copy.
I think you will make the translation better than me.
I am sorry, I am maintaining 4 different open source project's translation, and XYplorer is very complicated! If I want to do it per my standard, it will take a lot of time which I don't have right now....

Sorry if I am making too many suggestions. If you are bothered, may I suggest that you can gather feedback without releasing immediate fix, wait till next version and put all suggestions in there once and for all.

Again, apologies if I am causing inconveniences for you.
No,no, I know my translation has something on it.
Thank you very much for your advice.
As I say, it's just a temporary copy.
It would be so good if someone take over the work to make a good translation.

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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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Would it be useful to translate this Quick Start Guide into Chinese?

I could then link to the Chinese version right on the website.

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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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Here is the Quick Start Guide translation
Translation quality is just so so.


Quick Start Guide

Basics | Interface | Configuration | Usability | Speed | File Information | File Operations


Configuration Dialog: Key F9 opens the configuration dialog. Within that dialog, key F3 opens a list of all available settings.
配置对话框:按 F9 键打开配置对话框。在该对话框中,按 F3 打开所有可用设置的列表。

Main Menu Commands: Menu Help | List All Commands... Ctrl+F1 opens a list of all menu commands in the main XYplorer window.
主菜单命令:在菜单 帮助|列出所有命令 那里…在XYplorer主界面中按 Ctrl+F1 打开所有菜单命令的列表。

Keyboard Shortcuts: Via Tools | Customize Keyboard Shortcuts... Shift+F9 you can manage the keyboard access to all menu commands.
键盘快捷键:在菜单 工具|自定义键盘快捷键 那里…按 Shift+F9 管理所有菜单命令键盘快捷键。


Here’s a picture with almost every major element on display (apart from Dual Pane). Note that, apart from the List, they can all be hidden.

The elements of XYplorer. (Click to zoom)


A fresh install comes with many cool options disabled. Reason: New users should not be overwhelmed with new experiences but feel at home in an Explorer-like environment. Disadvantage: Many users will never find the good stuff and miss out the game changers in their digital life. So here comes a list of features that should be enabled and tried out when evaluating or starting to use XYplorer.

Hover Box: Tick Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show Hover Box (there is also a toolbar button to toggle it) and check out the Hover Box for a zero click preview of images, texts, folders, and archives. Simply move your mouse pointer over the icon of such files and a small preview will pop up. No clicks required. You can even scroll the preview using the mouse wheel, or in case of images scale it.
悬停框:勾选 配置|信息|文件信息提示和悬停框|显示悬停框 来显示它(也有一个工具栏按钮可以切换),0点击通过悬停框去预览图像,文本,文件夹,和文档。只需将鼠标指针移动到这些文件的图标上,就会弹出一个小小的预览框。不需要点击。你甚至可以使用鼠标滚轮滚动预览,或者缩放图像。

Mouse Down Blow Up: Tick Configuration | Preview | Mouse Down Blow Up | Mouse Down on Thumbnails and Icons | On left mouse down to get a quick view of an image in the original size when you down the left mouse button on its preview or thumbnail.
鼠标按下弹出:通过勾选 配置|预览|鼠标按下弹出|在缩略图和图标上按下鼠标|按下鼠标左键时 ,在文件的预览或缩略图上按下鼠标左键,可以快速查看原始大小的图像。

Tick also Configuration | Preview | Mouse Down Blow Up | Mouse Down on Thumbnails and Icons | Enable blow ups on file icons as well to enable this feature for mouse down on the mere file icons. Invaluable when you work with images.
也是通过勾选 配置||预览|鼠标按下弹出|在缩略图和图标上按下鼠标|在文件图标上也启用弹出窗口,仅在文件图标上就可启用鼠标按下弹出功能。这将大大有助于处理图像。

Mini Tree: Tick the "Mini Tree" toolbar button (or menu View | Mini Tree | Mini Tree) and try out the Mini Tree. With the Mini Tree when you go to new locations by opening folders from the file list or through the address bar, the folder tree will show only those folders you have actually visited. Makes for a much smaller and faster tree.
迷你树:勾选“迷你树”工具栏按钮(或者通过菜单 查看|迷你树|迷你树 启用),尝试使用迷你树吧。使用迷你树时,当您从文件列表中打开文件夹或通过地址栏转跳到新的位置时,目录树将只显示您实际访问过的文件夹。使目录树变得轻便快捷。

Color Filters: Tick Configuration | Colors and Styles | Color Filters | Enable color filters to color-code your files and folders by Name, Size, Date, Age, or Attributes. Also check out the Toggle Instant Color Filter toolbar button to quickly color items with specific properties.
颜色过滤器:通过勾选 配置|颜色和风格|颜色过滤器|启用颜色过滤器 来启用此功能,可以按名称、大小、日期、年龄或属性对文件和文件夹进行颜色编码。还可以点击 切换即时颜色过滤器 工具栏按钮,快速为特定属性的项目加上颜色。


These are some simple tricks and bits to boost your efficiency and go easy on your muscles and tendons.

Toolbar Buttons have Context Menus: Almost all the toolbar buttons have right-click menus providing handy access to a number of contextual commands.

Context Menus All Over: Actually almost all interface elements have right-click menus, even the column headers in the file list and some buttons. Try for example the "..." button at the Location dropdown in the Find Files | Name & Location tab.
全局右键菜单:实际上几乎所有的界面元素都有右键菜单,甚至是文件列表中的列标题和一些按钮。例如,右击一下 查找文件 | 名称和位置 选项卡中位置右边的“...”按钮。

Open a Folder in a New Tab: Hold SHIFT while you click the folder in the Tree, select it from Favorite Folders, or enter it through the Address Bar.
在新标签页中打开文件夹:按住 SHIFT 键,同时单击目录树中的文件夹,或者在收藏文件夹中选择它,又或者通过地址栏输入路径。

Go Up by Double-Click: Double-Click the empty space in Tree or List to go up one level. This and many other automatic behaviors can be configured at Configuration | General | Custom Event Actions.
通过双击返回上一级:双击目录树或者文件列表中的空白处可以返回上一级。和许多其它自动动作一样可以在 配置|常规|自定义事件动作 中配置。

Go to Previous Location: You’ll love the F7 shortcut, which instantly beams you back to your previous location.
转到前一个位置:您会喜欢 F7 快捷键的,它会立即将您送回到之前的位置。

Full Row Select: To turn it on tick Tools | Customize List | Full Row Select.
整行选择:通过勾选 工具|自定义列表|整行选择 启用。

Autosize Columns: To automatically adjust the column widths to their contents tick Tools | Customize List | Autosize Columns.
自动调整列宽:要自动调整列宽,请勾选 工具|自定义列表|自动调整列宽。

Autosize Columns by Double-Click: Double-Click the Line Number column header (#) and all columns are sized to their optimal width.

This setting is found here: Configuration | General | Custom Event Actions | Double-click on line numbers header.

On-the-fly Font Sizing: Use Ctrl+Wheel to quickly change the application’s font size. The font size is instantly adjusted for all major interface elements. The current value is shown in the Status Bar.
即时改变字体大小:使用 Ctrl+鼠标滚轮 快速改变程序的字体大小。所有主要界面元素的字体大小是即时调整的。当前值会显示在状态栏中。

Ctrl+Wheel also works on certain other elements, like Breadcrumb Bars, Status Bar, or Info Panel, each of which can have its own individual font size.
Ctrl+滚轮 也适用于某些其他界面元素,如路径导航栏、状态栏或信息面板,每个界面元素都有自己的字体大小。

Info Panel Sizing: Enlarge the Info Panel (F12) by dragging the splitter right below the Status Bar. Previewed images are resized in real time.
信息面板大小:通过拖动状态栏下的分割条来扩大信息面板(F12 开启)。预览图像会实时变更大小。

Here the splitter is shown in yellow. In reality it is invisible.

Locked Tabs and Default Tab: If you work with locked tabs (which you should) then declare one tab in each pane as "Default Tab" (right-click the tab header and select "Default Tab"). This will save you from ending up with too many tabs (that are automatically opened to protect the location of the locked tab).

Clipboard Viewer: Hover the "Edit Clipboard" or "Paste" button in the toolbar for an instant preview of the current clipboard contents. No clicks required. Even works for images. To enable it tick Configuration | Information | File Info Tips & Hover Box | Show Hover Box.
剪贴板查看器:悬停在工具栏上的“编辑剪贴板”或“粘贴”按钮,可以即时预览当前的剪贴板内容。不需要点击。甚至对图像也适用。要启用它请勾选 配置|信息|文件信息提示和悬停框|显示悬停框。

Clipboard Markers: For a new way to mark items that are currently on the clipboard and whether they have been cut or copied tick Configuration | Colors and Styles | Styles | Clipboard Markers | Colored lines. See here.
剪贴板标记:标记当前剪贴板内项目的新方法,无论它们是否已经剪切或复制。勾选 配置|颜色和风格|风格|剪贴板标记|着色的行 启用。请看这里。


Simple Trick to Gain a Little Speed: Anti Virus software, e.g. Windows Defender, can slow down the listing of directories that contain many executable files. Here is how to work around this.
提高速度的简单技巧:防病毒软件,例如Windows Defender,会减慢含有许多可执行文件的目录的显示速度。下面是如何解决这个问题的方法。

Faster Thumbnails: Thumbnail quality is preset to “High Speed” (Configuration | Thumbnails | Quality). However, it turns out that on some systems the setting “Fast” is actually faster than the setting “High Speed”. Play with it to find out what’s fastest on your system.
更快的缩略图:缩略图质量被预设为“高速”(菜单 配置|缩略图|质量)。然而,事实证明,在某些系统上,设置为“快速”实际上比设置为“高速”要快。尝试一下来找出您的系统中最快的方法。

Network 1: If it takes too long to enumerate the network servers when starting the app or opening the network node in the folder tree, you should check this box: Configuration | General | Safety Belts, Network | Network | Cache network servers. Next time, it’ll happen in no time.
网络1:如果启动程序或在目录树中打开网络节点时,枚举网络服务器的时间过长,您应该勾选这个:配置|常规|安全选项, 网络|网络|缓存网络服务器。下次,就可以马上进入。

Network 2: If you are periodically stuck on startup due to a currently unavailable network location, you should tick this: Configuration | General | Startup & Exit | No network browsing on startup.
网络2:如果由于不可用的网络位置,程序卡在了启动时,你应该勾选这个:配置|常规|启动 & 退出|启动时不浏览网络位置。

File Information

Show Folder Sizes: To show folder sizes right in the file list simply tick Configuration | General | Tree and List | List | Always show folder sizes. Or even quicker: "Show folder sizes" is also found in the right-click menu of the Size column header.
显示文件夹大小:要在文件列表中显示文件夹大小,只需勾选 配置|常规|目录树和列表|列表|总是显示文件夹大小。或者更快一点:“显示文件夹大小”也可以在大小列标题的右键菜单中找到。

Show the Age of Items: Right-click the Modified column header in the file list and tick Show Age.

Icon Overlays: To show shell icon overlays in Tree and List simply tick Configuration | General | Refresh, Icons, History | Icons | Show icon overlays.
叠加图标:要在目录树和列表中显示系统的叠加图标,只需勾选 配置|常规|刷新, 图标, 历史|图标|显示叠加图标。

Folder View Settings: To save the individual layout (view mode, sort order, column layout, list style) of a folder use menu View | Folder View Settings | Save Folder View, or simply press the toolbar button with the big blue "F".
文件夹视图设置:要保存文件夹的个人布局(视图模式,排列顺序,列布局,列表样式),请使用菜单 查看|文件夹视图设置|保存文件夹视图,或简单地按下工具栏上蓝色“F”按钮。

Column Layouts: You will find the "Column Layouts" button in the toolbar. Here you can load predefined and custom column layouts with just one click. Instead of laboriously collecting special columns, the photo column layout, for example, shows the date the photo was taken, dimensions, aspect ratio, exposure time, exposure compensation, F-stop, focal length, ISO sensitivity and camera model in no time at all. The audio column layout gives you length, sample rate, bit depth, bit rate and channels. You can adapt the column layouts to your particular needs.

File Operations

Custom Copy: To use XYplorer’s own deluxe copier, tick Configuration | File Operations | File Operations | Custom Copy Operations | Use Custom Copy. You get speed, name clash options, verification options, plus an optional progress interface with final report.
自定义复制:要使用XYplorer自带的高级复制程序,请勾选 配置|文件操作|文件操作|自定义复制操作|使用自定义复制。你将得到速度,名称冲突选项,验证选项,加上一个可选的进度界面与最终报告。

Background Processing: To keep the foreground thread always responsive, enable Configuration | File Operations | File Operations | Background Processing | Enable background processing.
后台处理:为了保证前台线程始终可以响应,请勾选 配置|文件操作|文件操作|后台处理|启用后台处理。

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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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Thanks. This is what Google spits out:
QSG-ChineseSimplified-Google.png (679.22 KiB) Viewed 93 times

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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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I have translated the screenshots. Please see attached.

I did not look into the google translation carefully, but a simple glimpse shows a critical error: in the last section, custom copy function was introduced. Google translated "copy" as in photocopy machine which is hilarious. Don't use it!
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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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Great, thank you all! :tup:

In the next days I'll try to put it together.

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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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Well, the plan died. My HTML editor isn't even capable of handling Chinese (= auto-convert to HTML entities: 快速入门指南 ---> 快速入门指南). I simply don't have the time to go deeper into this or do it all manually. :\
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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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I'll try it ... with the help of a new undocumented XY command doing this conversion: 快速入门指南 ---> 快速入门指南 :biggrin:

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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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Done! What do you say?

BTW, what happened to the XY icon? :whistle:
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Re: Chinese (Simplified) 简体中文

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:tup: :tup: :tup:

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