Binocular222's all scripts

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Binocular222's all scripts

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Here is the list of all my contribution to XYplorer scripting. I will update this post regularly.
Clickable Breadcrumb (easy example on how to create HTML GUI with clickable commands) [navigatie, tutorial]
Tag search (Input box to search by Tags/Label/Comment) [navigate, search]
Custom Toolbar Button (Popup a menu listing frequently used XYplorer functions plus some more functions defined by me) [utility]
Send to Outlook (Create new Outlook email with selected items as attachment) [utility]
Tag add/remover (Popup menu listing all tags from xyplorer.ini + currently selected item + Clipboard. If user select the tag which already existed in current file → untag. Else: add tag) [utility]
XYplorer Messenger (Use Autohotkey (3rd party software) to control XYplorer) [utility, autohotkey, 3rd party]
Manage Windows Firewall (Add selected file to Firewall rules; can also add rules by web address) [utility]
Share/Unshare folder (Toggle share/unshare selected folder) [utility]
FFmpeg Assistance (Make it easier to pass command-line parameters to FFmpeg (convert; trim; join media files...)) [utility, 3rd party]
Flat File Management (Store all files in 1 place and browse by Tag. No more child folders!) [navigate]
Mouse Gesture (AHK script to do anything with mouse) [utility, autohotkey, 3rd party]
Antivirus Integrate a few antivirus command-line scanner into XYplorer [utility, 3rd party]
Contextual Help While Batch rename/PFA/QNS/VF dialog is active, Press F1 will trigger the relevant "XYplorer contextual help" [utility, autohotkey, 3rd party]
Theme changer Save/load theme using simple .ini files
Watch XY Forum for new posts Display a taskbar notification on Poster/Topic of new post

P.S: No-longer needed scripts due to XY continuous improvement
Get cmd result DIRECTLY! - Run CMD command and receive result directly via a variable instead of piping through a text file [utility, autohotkey, 3rd party]
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Re: Binocular222's all scripts

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Thanks for taking the time to post your list. This will make it much easier to go back to find them. There have been a few times past that I knew I had read about a script that could be helpful at the moment but my search skills took me forever to find it again. I make sure I bookmarked this thread. :biggrin:

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