Session Manager [v6.20]

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Re: Session Manager [v6.20]

Post by FluxTorpedoe » 01 Jul 2019 14:57

Thanks for the various feedback/support! :)

& thanks hogaty for the translation, :appl: I updated the post.

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Re: Session Manager [v6.20]

Post by astrae_tech » 18 Aug 2019 07:10

Fantastic script! Takes complicated workflows to a different level. I don't think there is anything like this in the world.

Running 6.20 here.

I was wondering though if there is an option to save the session on quitting XYplorer? I have about 12+ different XYplorers open with different sessions for different projects opened automatically on startup and at the end I'm fine with updating all of them with their current states but there is no option to do that automatically is there? Sort of autosave for every session where it would be auto saved on close.

Else is there a way to assign a keybord shortcut to the button "Update Session (and layout)"? That way i can quickly update and close every opened XYplorer.

Thank you!

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Re: Session Manager [v6.20]

Post by FluxTorpedoe » 18 Aug 2019 19:26


Glad you find Session Manager useful ! BTW, I rather agree with your first sentence… :biggrin:
(Well, all thanks to XYplorer in the first place !)

Regarding your request, there’s already something technically feasible, although more of an unsatisfying workaround: using different INI (hence data folders) for each of your XYplorer windows. Unfortunately, that would mean a lot of maintenance to synchronize all data folders…

Now, for a proper solution, what you would need would be:
   1. a way to update sessions outside of Session Manager (via scripting, CKS…)
   2. a way to execute such a command when XYplorer exits


   1. I thought this could already be done! Well, I’ll add this command in the next update…
   2. I thought this too could already be done! My memory must be playing tricks on me (all I could find was this thread Feature request: application start/exit-time script). Maybe others will know a way or a workaround…

In any case, you should pretty soon be able to use a keyboard shortcut to update your active session.

And if anyone has another idea/request to add to the update, now is the time to dive in!

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