MD5 + SHA1 calculator

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MD5 + SHA1 calculator

Post by 40k » 07 Aug 2012 14:40

Hi guys,

I do a lot of torrenting and thus find myself often times having to crosscheck check-sums. I used the FCIV command line tool by Microsoft up until now. Until I discovered that XYplorer can do this too. So I wrote a crude script (not a coder at all) that will calculate the MD5 en SHA1 sums for all the files you have currently selected. Results are neatly displayed in a text box.

If you think you can clean up the code please be my guest! Also I attached a screenshot!

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$a = get("SelectedItemsPathNames",|,a);
 $textreport = "";
 $checkmd5 = hash("md5",$file,1);
 $checksha1 = hash("sha1",$file,1);
 $hashedfilename = gettoken($file,-1,\);
 $textreport = $textreport . $hashedfilename <crlf>MD5   : . $checkmd5 . <crlf> . "SHA-1 :" . $checksha1 . <crlf> . <crlf>; 
 text $textreport;

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Re: MD5 + SHA1 calculator

Post by highend » 07 Aug 2012 14:55

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<crlf> . <crlf>

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<crlf 2>
Nothing more to cleanup ;)
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