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image and media tools

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these are 2 scripts i made to help me organize, select and convert files for my mp4 player.
both of them have a potentially slow feature that adds leading spaces to the numbers, making them get sorted in the correct order on the list.
you can (probably :P ) edit the script and disable this.
if you don't want spaces as leading chars you can edit the $lead variable.

the scripts use the comment column (except for the rotate and flip commands), so be careful to not lose any comments from your files.

image tool
this script can get the size, area and format (dunno if that's the right word) of the selected files.
for jpgs it can also rotate images to portrait or landscape format, and has some common rotate commands.
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media tool
this can get the audio, video and total bitrate and the duration of the selected files.
it can also find files that have more or less than a specified bitrate.
you must have mediainfo installed and it's shell info tips enabled, otherwise the script won't work correctly.
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