Multiple Selection Slider

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Multiple Selection Slider

Postby SammaySarkar » 08 Jun 2017 12:40

Move multiple selection like multiple cursors!
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In short, after making a selection, this script allows you to keep the selection rectangles relative positioning and move them up or down the list, selecting other items with the same intervals in the process. (I'm actually not sure how to describe this better. I think the animation[s] make much more sense.)

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  • Set up two Run Script UDCs like the examples given below (assuming the script was saved as <xyscripts>\multi-selection-slider.xys.)

    Code: Select all

    caption: Slide Selection Up
    script : load "multi-selection-slider.xys", '-1', 'f';  // can use 'up' in place of '-1'

    Code: Select all

    caption: Slide Selection Down
    script : load "multi-selection-slider.xys", '+1', 'f';  // can use 'dn' in place of '+1'
  • Assign relevant hotkeys such as SHIFT+ALT+UP and SHIFT+ALT+DOWN. Turn off "on KeyUp" for faster repetition.
  • The "_init" subscript contains following user config:

    Code: Select all

    $movefocus    1: focus follows selection, keeping relative position.
                  0: focuses 1st selected item on move up, last on move down.
  • That's all. Hope this script comes in handy sometimes. :D

  • To scripters: Do not modify the labels of the main two scripts labelled -1 and +1. The labels themselves are essential to the code. Two other labels 'up' and 'dn' are aliased to '-1' and '+1' for readablity.
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