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Copyto/Moveto and XYcopy

Posted: 06 Jun 2019 02:38
by VeeGee
Good evening all,
I am using the following line in a script :

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moveto "<path 1>\$base", "<path 2>\$base.$ext",,2,,,,,,,,1;
and have also tried :

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moveto "<path 1>\$base", "<path 2>\$base.$ext",,2;
Both lines do as they should, move my file. The progress is shown in an XYcopy popup. The problem is, the XYcopy window isn't showing up in the taskbar. If I use any "normal" copy/move within XY, both the progress box and taskbar icon are displayed, just not when doing it from within my script.

Am I missing something on those lines ? It happens on both copyto and moveto.

UPDATE : One of the problems I have with the XYcopy taskbar missing is that if I focus another window and come back to XY, the progress box is missing. I can only see the progress of the copy/move by looking in Task Manager. Since the icon is only missing when I do this via script, there must be a problem with my line(s) above. Using any XY built-in copy/move shows the icon properly. I can post the entire script if necessary.