xyHoverSelector - Select items on hovering

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xyHoverSelector - Select items on hovering

Post by highend » 29 Dec 2018 11:22

In contrary to XYs inbuilt mechanism, this one selects items on hovering above their file name (and not their icon).

After starting it once, it will create an .ini file in the same directory as the .exe. You should not place it inside
an UAC protected directory if you are not willing to start it with admin permissions :D

If you want to make any changes to the .ini values, exit xyHoverSelector, make your changes, start xyHoverSelector again...

This version is NOT the same as the one posted here: viewtopic.php?p=165516#p165516
Fundamental difference: The one from this thread requires a modifier key (ctrl, alt, shift) to be pressed to be able to select
files on hover, while the one from the other thread is always active and requires a modifier key to be suspended!

Default values for the .ini file are:

Code: Select all

ToggleKey: Ctrl + Alt + p
ActivateKey: Shift key
ExecuteTimer: Every 10 ms
ShowTrayNotifications: True
SelectionDelay: 0 ms (in other words: without any waiting time)
These should be good for fluent (and fast) selections once the shift key is hold...

Current version:
(395.9 KiB) Downloaded 28 times
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