YAUM - Yet Another Update Manager

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Re: YAUM - Yet Another Update Manager

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highend wrote:Now that XY knows how to update itself ...
Yes, but for auto-checking in intervals I still find YAUM offers a better way . :wink:

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Re: YAUM - Yet Another Update Manager

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Hi, can you change the program so the popup is a little less invasive? I mean, when I'm doing something in fullscreen and YAUM detects an update it minimizes whatever I'm doing (or sometimes it only makes the other program lose focus) to show me that there is a new one. Can you change it to, I don't know, instead of being a popup change it to a balloon (I don't know if a balloon will also steal focus) or something else please.

I also have another request: make an option for YAUM to automatically update XYplorer (auto close and auto install) whenever there isn't an XYcopy instance running. Installation takes about 5 seconds so it's pretty fast. And before closing the program, YAUM can show another small notification in case someone is working in XYplorer and can save what is doing and then YAUM can proceed with the installation, downloading the update should be done automatically without asking and before showing the notification. Like setting a timer to inform that the installation will happen in X seconds or minutes and it can be canceled from the same notification by clicking on it or a button. I don't know if I'm hallucinating with something like this because I don't know if this can be done, but, hey, I don't lose anything asking for it, well, maybe shame but anyway thank you.

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