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XYplorer MOD - surfYnXoard

Posted: 18 Jul 2015 01:26
by SkyFrontier
*successfully tested on beta 17.60.0102 after almost 2 years of its publication* - see below

I'm so excited by finally taking advantage of XY flexibility in its full extent that I decided to build a whole mod out of mainly my scripts covering this topic.
It's a brand new XYperience towards simplicity and user customization.

Included scripts and methods aimed to enhance interface and simplify access to all XY features and power delivering ways for the user to easily customize menus and appearance to its liking, thus providing a streamlined XYperience - especially for new users!

Together, those tools have the potential to save precious real estate on XY interface. Or even allow you to free some (tons, in fact! ^^) keyboard shortcuts. Mastering no more than 7 keyboard shortcuts, optionally displayed on title bar, you can go anywhere at anytime - settings, features, files or folders! :beer:

Some of the facilities include:
dynaBushes: a smart tree which guesses back and forth places the user may need to go from current path, plus special folders and drives. What about live-filtering the tree? All of this, right from the list! :ninja:

QuickCustomMenuBuilder: ever wanted to combine your most used menu items into a single menu? Perhaps having custom menus for a per-task usage or even multi-menus with custom captions and distinctive icons? QuickCustomMenuBuilder is the way to go! :ugeek:

toolbooster: so you are a click-addict and miss a second, third or tenth toolbar. Well... toolbooster will be certainly your must pressed hotkey! Granted! :D

XarchitectY: arrangements, most used layouts, GUI element toggles, XY main window estate and position control. All is here. :whistle:

flashFavs and smartFavs: what if your Favorites could auto-detect non-existent items? Or favorites files and folders being marked right into the list? Maybe you could find useful to live-filter your favorites? Hm? 8)

Forum regulars may be familiar to my recent posts, but I'll expand this post a bit more for future reference anyway.
Several, if not *all*, of the included scripts are updated with bug fixes and extra features.

*How to Install*:

1. rename the attached file from XYplorer_MOD_by_SF.rar.xys to XYplorer_MOD_by_SF.rar, then unpack it (an "XYplorer_MOD" folder will be unpacked);
2. inside of that "XYplorer_MOD" folder, unpack the content of a no-install version (direct link: ...;
3. open the "XYplorer.ini" under "...\XYplorer_MOD\Data\" and add your license data - or insert it using "Help > Unlock Trial Version" dialog - then, it's advised to update the "tools > configuration > colors and styles > TEMPLATES > TITLEBAR" with
CTRL+G,AB|SHIFT=Favs,E|flash,F|toolb,V|bushes,T|XarchY,L|qcMENUb,Q || <tab><path> - <app> <ver>
so you can have those hints displayed on title bar all of the time. They are everything you may need in order to fully control XY from now on. (SHIFT+Z is the hotkey to access all themes-related scripts);
4. good to go!

This pack also includes some personal configs I find useful but may be missed by some users.

added functions:

smartFavs [Shift+E]
flashFavs [Shift+F]
toolbooster [Shift+V]
dynaBushes [Shift+T]

ThemeZThing [Shift+Z]
"1- RthemeL"
"2- MegaThemesLoader"
"3- Night Mode - by binocular222"
"4- Theme Loader - by klownboy (Ken)"
"5- XYstylEZ_themes"
"6- XYstylEZ tool"

XarchitectY - layouts [Shift+L]
QuickCustomMenuBuilder - qcMENUb [Shift+Q]
z_SF_QuickCustomMenuBuilder_PERM [Shift+M]

Under Scripting > Run Script...
"1 - goTo \clipboard/"
"2 - load z_SF_QuickCustomMenuBuilder_LATEST"
"3 - load CURITEM"
"4 - load CLIPBOARD"

Includes 491 themes and theme variations.

The suite incorporates
Night Mode, by binocular222 (updated by me to v1.2: general functioning; theme loader added)
Theme Loader, by klownboy (Ken) (Night Mode v3 added)
HthemeL, the HTML interface for RthemeL, by SammaySarkar
hexToDec library by TheQwerty
"toolbar as main menu" and "go to special folders" methods by highend.

Re: XYplorer MOD - surfYnXoard

Posted: 01 Aug 2015 13:01
by SkyFrontier
Closer to desktop nirvana...
(xy mod + win hi contrast 2, tweaked + the coolest air machine *ever*)
nostalgia time.

Re: XYplorer MOD - surfYnXoard

Posted: 02 Mar 2017 09:32
by SkyFrontier
Just made a quick test for this using latest beta (17.60.0102) - everything ran smooth and clear.
Some notes:

1. QuickCustomMenuBuilder - qcMENUb [default CKS/Custom Keyboard Shortcut: Shift+Q] is INCOMPATIBLE with "toolbar as main menu" method developed by highend, which is ON by default; to be able to use the QuickCustomMenuBuilder, make sure the toolbar is visible (command 'window > show toolbar' [or hit CTRL+F12]), right click on it, select CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR, click REMOVE ALL then press OK, so the default toolbar is back;

2. to quickly become familiar with the available built-in scripts, please visit often the 'user > run script' GUI element, which lists the 'added functions' described on the 1st post of this thread;

3. if you download either a beta or a stable version of XYplorer and throw the "XYplorer_MOD_by_SF.rar[.xys]" at it, you'll be prompted by a 'trial expired' message: just click 'continue' and insert your license data under 'help > unlock trial...' and you're good to go;

4. dynaBushes [Shift+T] can be very, very useful to quickly jump around a folder neighborhood, but it'll lock up scanning high numbered items inside some specific folders; if that happens, just presss 'esc[ape]' and the script will shut;

5. for some reason, CTRL+ALT+X and other Live Filter Box related combos, possibly other functions, need to be re-assigned as CKSs for their respective functions so they can be properly invoked by keyboard shortcuts.

All in all, I'm more than happy to discover this special project and their sub-parts to be apparently fully functional when applied on a fresh XY installation. Cheers! :beer:

Re: XYplorer MOD - surfYnXoard

Posted: 20 Apr 2017 17:16
by SkyFrontier
A small (nah... it's a HUGE) update for the dynaBushes feature.

Please rename this version as "dynaBushes.xys" and replace "...XYplorer_MOD\Data\Scripts\dynaBushes.xys" (aka <xyscripts>) with it.


-as sc folderreport is slow, specially because of the status bar notifications, it is now dumped for good;
-there is a user controlled limit for recursion :!: ;
-now the sections are distinguished:
|| *** UPPER *** ||
|| *** NEIGHBORS *** ||
|| *** DEEPER {{ deepest only! - x levels }} *** ||
|| *** SIBLINGS *** ||
|| *** RECENT *** ||
-root drives have now a special treatment: if 'c:' is the base path, "upper" is not filled; other drives will have 'c:' (and children) as "upper"
-say you have a structure like
Before, dynaBushes - *deeper* would list all the levels since
down to the last one. Seemed to be a good method. Nonsense. Since everything between z1-z14 can be filtered by live filter, and it's just a matter of using breadcrumb bar - or just some backspace/go up to quickly reach what you want, the method has changed. This (besides another two logic procedure revisions) allows for a maximum performance: for instance, for a total of 27 folders+subfolders, before there were 1741 operations to process the relevant part of the code; now, only 17 are required;
-two extra buttons are also listed for their GUI counterpart: 'hotlist' and 'recent locations' (which are different than *recent*);
-the TELEPORTER feature: folders containing a user defined amount of items will pop an extra dialog listing those items; live filter allows a quick spot-and-jump; or just scroll down for what you want, press 'enter' and there you go!;
-trimmed content adds for speeding - marked where it's done;
-better and informative captions.

The key concept: dynaBushes (gosh, I HATE this name!) is a way to quickly jump from a spot to another, keyboard driven, specially designed for a tree-less navigation. Since this 2017 update, it's now finally usable all around the system ('heavy folders' too!) due to the dramatic speed-related improvements.

Have phun...

This is dedicated to you, J., by whom my heart is dreaming on watching the Skies again!