Script: Thumbnail Maintenance

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Re: Script: Thumbnail Maintenance

Post by FKF5482 » 10 Apr 2019 00:34

Hello again everyone.
Im getting an error when im trying to build the thumbnail cache for certain folders when using
"Build Thumbnail Cache...current folder only - Size Data" or "Build Thumbnail Cache...current folder && subs - Size Data",
im currently using the script in foreground because i can't run it in backround for some reason.
I've tried disabling the FVS as well but it makes no difference.
The error is like this:

Invalid pattern string "Folder name 1 UnlikeI Folder name 2"

and this line of code is highlighted

if(($path UnLikeI $cur_folder) AND ($path UnLikeI $oldpath)) {

Thanks in advance :)

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