Laycat: simple picker for layouts and catalogs

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Re: Laycat: simple picker for layouts and catalogs

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Fully agree with your comment about the media recursion. If just we could get rid of that herd instinct we humans still seem to have. :whistle:
Ralph :-)
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Re: Laycat: simple picker for layouts and catalogs

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Hi Ken,

2nd try. ;-)

Yes, me, my wife and our 4-year old boy are doing fine, no signs of Corona around (which also makes me remember the bitter way I'm clearly approaching the risk age limit). Luckily, my wife and I are amongst the privileged who are able and allowed to work at home.
It's true, staying at home for more than three weeks now is starting to get tough. But like you we're living in a small village, and the trees, creeks and fields are just a 5 minute walk away! That's a godsend!
Additionally we can "share" the children's care with some friendly parents. That's another HUGE plus! Otherwise we gave up trying to be model parents already one week ago, it's simply impossible when you have to meet deadlines etc.. But the boy likes watching TV without hearing "Listen, just for half an hour!" every other day. ;-)

Thanks for taking the time to cleanup this old script. Since arrival of Flux's legendary SessionManager I hardly ever use it. However, with Don's announcement to port XYplorer to a new and glory future, I decided to follow him with all my script stuff, no matter how bad/old it is. So, thanks again for making a start. :-)

Stay healthy!


PS: Maybe the XY community should consider a 64-bit-alpha-live-session-with-beer/wine/pretzels once we have survived this global examination!

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