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FFmpeg Assistance - convert, trim media files

Posted: 06 Sep 2013 19:52
by binocular222
FFmpeg Assistance
Base on 40k idea here: ... lit=ffmpeg
I made a script to easily pass command-line parameters to FFmpeg, so that you can easily convert (re-encode); trim; save screenshot... with your video/audio files:
1) Download FFmpeg here:
2) Customize the last line of this script to reflect actual path to ffmpeg.exe
3) Select a few audio/video files
4) Run this script
5) Select a few actions from this dialog
1.png (69.78 KiB) Viewed 1810 times
6) Manually edit the parameters; file name; extension; location (all options have explanations). Question mark "?" are removed by default, which means, if you do not change it to a for Audio; v for Video; s for subtitle... then the options will be applied to all streams.
This below screen trim the original files from beginning to 12min 8sec 120ms without re-encoding (no quality loss at all!)
2.png (40.12 KiB) Viewed 1810 times

Note: I only listed out the most frequently used options. You should read FFmpeg manual for a lot more functionality.
If you find any good options, feel free to post here so that I will update the list (I am not expert at FFmpeg or media encoding at all!).

v1.0 [7-Sep-13]: Initial release
v1.1 [8-Sep-13]: Separate options for input and output; update the list
v1.2 beta [10-Sep-13]: Attempt to add option to join files; there's still something wrong with concat filter

Re: FFmpeg Assistance - convert, trim media files

Posted: 10 Sep 2013 01:59
by 40k
I'm going to check this out when I get back to my Windows machine.
Thought about implementing something similar but got flooded with work shortly after and did not think about it thereafter.

One remark about the option list: Most Windows users will use the Zeranoe binaries. So your userbase is largely universal. FFmpeg needs to be compiled using special options for it to support certain features. So depending on which binary the user has installed, some options may not work for them.