XY spoils us to expect better from other apps!

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XY spoils us to expect better from other apps!

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Short-story: suddenly got a need to easily find non-fully viewed videos in big playlists, obviously i started to check if there are Bookmarks feature in video player i use, found feature but was very surprised by awkward behaviour, asked on one of fan forums of that player what i'm doing wrong, after some quarrel-discussion understood "the reason" of my problems.
I was surprised, that when i select earlier created bookmark, player doesn't scroll playlist to position of that video to start playing, it didn't even try to open bookmarked video in that same playlist. Instead player closed my big playlist with lots of bookmarked items and opened Default one, to start video there. Checked several more players and found all work in such IMO dumb way. But why is it dumb for me and why am i expecting different behaviour?!

The "reason of my problem" is XY!(or more precise features ike say "Reuse existing tabs when changing the location")
As i use XYplorer for more than 10 years, and it's the most used program on every day basis, i get used to its functionality, flexability, and didn't even expect other apps to work so illogical, yet not even providing ability to configure.
Don created a monster, that spoils us to expect other apps have same level of thought through concept, while they're not.! :lol:
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Re: XY spoils us to expect better from other apps!

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Ha! :twisted: :biggrin:

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