Yet another "Wow" for XY

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Yet another "Wow" for XY

Post by JLoftus » 18 Mar 2020 22:48

I've been using XY for probably 7 years or so now, and I am rather continually impressed/amazed with features I didn't know existed. Here's my latest:

I routinely work with tabsets, and in particular, a deployment environment where I will have maybe 8-10 tabs open in each pane, pertaining to a project I'm working on. Today, I had the dreaded "ran out of disk space" errors and had to move an entire Microsoft Deployment Toolkit (MDT) dev tree from one drive to another. In doing so, I just *knew* that post-move, the handful of tabs I had open that each were open to subdirectories in the tree that I had moved, would "complain", saying "path not found" or such.

So, when I moved J:\SHB\*.* to K:\*.* imagine my surprise and delight, when XY gracefully and most intelligently updated ALL the open tabs to the new drive letter! Whoa! Don! That was fricking genius! All my tabs now pointed to the new K drive letter location, never had to touch anything. That's just stupid smart. (stupid smart copyright 2020 Jeff).

Hell, I'm considering buying another pro license just based on how danged smart that was. THANK YOU for one of (if not THE) most intelligent pieces of software I've ever had the pleasure to use.

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Re: Yet another "Wow" for XY

Post by kger » 19 Mar 2020 16:13

That's cool. I, too, have been using Xyplorer for a few years and I know there is a pile of useful features I have not encountered yet. Maybe the current lockdown situation will be a good time to read over the feature list and go back through the "What's New in This Version" posts.

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Re: Yet another "Wow" for XY

Post by admin » 21 Mar 2020 20:12

:D :tup:
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