xycopy forking useless

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xycopy forking useless

Post by WastedMoney » 11 Jul 2019 11:16

As per the subject title, xycopy is crap. You can't do anything else in xyplorer till it has finished it's task. even when sent to background you just have to sit and wait.

How about making it an option to use as it's currently a fucking waste of time and money (hence my forum name as it's easier NOT to use it) and I have gone back to WinDoze Exploder to copy and move files.

Time to get off your high horse and either fix it or fuck it off.

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Re: xycopy forking useless

Post by SammaySarkar » 12 Jul 2019 06:14

can't reproduce. This would be a pretty weird behavior since the whole point of having xycopy as a separate process is so that XYplorer doesn't get blocked during file operations.
Review your custom copy options at Tools > Configuration > File Operations.

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Re: xycopy forking useless

Post by John_C » 13 Jul 2019 03:28

Performance is not a strong side because of the limitations of the language. However, it have some nice features and 30 days in trial period.

Check these possible ways to fix it:

1. Try to enable/disable these two check boxes under Tools > Configuration > File Operations:

* Enable background processing and
* Queue file operations.

Currently, both are enabled in my XY, but I had troubles with copying earlier and for that reason I disabled them for a some time. It was a fix for me.

2. Also, XY performance is sometimes greatly decreased by the antivirus software. Add your XYplorer.exe, XYcopy.exe and ContextMenu64.exe to its whitelist. (See https://www.xyplorer.com/faq-topic.php?id=mse). (If you use another antivirus, you should figure the exact steps yourself. The instruction is for Windows built-in antivirus only.)

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