Here's why I bought XYplorer over Directory Opus 10

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Here's why I bought XYplorer over Directory Opus 10

Postby strikexyp » 21 Dec 2013 21:54

So I was on the fence after trialling the two programs. Overall XYP was better but one thing was preventing me from buying it: the lack of mini navigation toolbars on each pane which DO10 has. Meant a lot of cross-screen mouse movements and really slowed things down.

I sent pre-sales inquiry emails to XYP and DO10 support outlining my concerns over each program.

DO10 sent me back an email - polite, but basically no real assurances that any of my perceived issues would be fixed anytime soon.

In contrast I got back an email from Don Lessau at XYP acknowledging the issue and saying it would be fixed soon. No exact ETA, but on faith, I bought a license because I trusted it would be fixed at some point and that would make XYP the clear winner overall.

Less than 24 hours later there's a beta out with the mini-toolbars and another feature I suggested.

Now THAT is customer service. Kudos, Don and XYP.

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Re: Here's why I bought XYplorer over Directory Opus 10

Postby j_c_hallgren » 21 Dec 2013 22:09

strikexyp wrote:Now THAT is customer service. Kudos, Don and XYP.
Hi and welcome to the XY forums! And thanks on behalf of Don for buying as well! :appl:

Yes, Don IS very responsive to customers! I've seen a "bug report-to-beta avail" time as little as about 20 min here on occasion!

Just a note/hint: We abbrev it as XY, not XYP, so save yourself the extra P, ok?
Still spending WAY TOO much time here! But it's such a pleasure helping XY be a treasure!
(XP on laptop with touchpad and thus NO mouse!) Using latest beta vers when possible.

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Re: Here's why I bought XYplorer over Directory Opus 10

Postby admin » 21 Dec 2013 22:30

Just to make sure: I don't add features just to make a sale. I add features when I'm convinced they are good and fit into XY. strikexyp had sent me two ideas by email that were just too good to miss out and easy enough to do in a lazy saturday afternoon.

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Re: Here's why I bought XYplorer over Directory Opus 10

Postby Dustydog » 23 Dec 2016 08:12

I tried them both. I liked XY's initial approachability, interface, (and licensing) and went that way - it simply felt more natural to me. Now, I wouldn't give up XY even if the Dopus people payed ME. And I appreciate Don's gracious responsiveness deeply. Directory Opus is certainly not a bad nor shallow program, I simply like XY much better - and the depth is amazing beneath that elegant, immediately-useful interface.

There is not a day I turn on my computer that I don't feel a deep sense of gratitude for this fantastic program. The only reason I haven't learned XY's scripting yet is that I'm getting too much done, too efficiently, as it is. But I'm glad it's there waiting. The things Don implements are simply smart and dead-on useful. And he keeps coming up with them. I love his development schedule - useful, smart things, a few at a time, stable, and frequent - and with such a great dynamic with his user base.

I noticed this was a high Google search item. I wanted to put my own endorsement in here: If you don't have this magnificently useful, bargain of a program - just buy it, or at least get the full-version trial. It will become the face of your data - and I predict that, like me, you'll be grateful it's there every time you turn on your computer, and even more as you continue to uncover some as yet unused feature that soon becomes part of your daily workflow.

Thank you, Don, for doing this so well. And this endorsement is from 2016 - the goodness just keeps coming.

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Re: Here's why I bought XYplorer over Directory Opus 10

Postby jadinolf » 25 Dec 2016 00:34

Good story.

I think that most of us have wonderful stories about why we chose XYplorer. :)
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