Thumbnails creation progress in statusbar

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Thumbnails creation progress in statusbar

Post by medder » 13 Oct 2019 20:20

Currently XYplorer shows something like this while creating thumbs:
creating thumb: name.ext

It would be more comfortable to have something like this:
creating thumbs: 230 of 750
creating thumbs: 30%
or even:
creating thumbs: 30% [230 of 750]

Or with the filename (but who really needs it?):
creating thumbs: 230 of 750 (name.ext)
creating thumbs: 30% (name.ext)

Why bother?

If the folder contains 1000+ images, there's a need to see some kind of progress: percent or image count.
Currently the only case when we can see the progress is when we open some folder with numbered or alphabetically named files, sorted by filename. In all other cases there is no way to guess how long do we have to wait.

And with XYplorer you really have to wait, because:
- XYplorer interface is not very responsive during thumb creation,
- scrolling though the thumbs can break the whole process (and you'll have to start over)
- the process takes much more time than in Windows Explorer or ACDSee (they are far less functional than XYplorer but both process thumbs quickly and without any freezes during scrolling)

- when scrolling through the file list during thumb creation using the scrollbar "thumb" the thumbs are drawn without freezes
- but when scrolling with mousewheel, there is 1 second delay or freeze on each scroll

Anyway when the process is complete XYplorer draws the thumbs flawlessly, the scrolling has no delays and there's no difference whether the folder has 100 or 10000 images.

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Re: Thumbnails creation progress in statusbar

Post by nas8e9 » 13 Oct 2019 20:31

The current stable version (20.50.0100) shows this while creating thumbnails:


Which version are you running?

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Re: Thumbnails creation progress in statusbar

Post by medder » 13 Oct 2019 20:39

Heh, silly me, reading through the "What's new" section wasn't enough.

I am running 20.10 and the long-awaited feature was added in 20.30 as the BETA-thread says :appl:
v20.30.0007 - 2019-08-24 19:24
* Configuration | Preview | Thumbnails | Create all thumbnails at once: Now the Status Bar shows the current index and total number of files while thumbnails are being created, e.g.: creating thumb 5/123: blah.jpg

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Re: Thumbnails creation progress in statusbar

Post by medder » 13 Oct 2019 23:03

Yep, it works. Thank you very much!

One more suggestion, which concerns other status texts also, but is perfectly illustrated by thumbs creation process.

In most views the statusbar has 3 status fields or areas (see screenshots for reference):
1) item count, freespace
2) selected items: size (bytes), or total folders, or scanned/found elements during search
3) status text

The first area (item count) seems to have the fixed width (approximately 200 px) and is aligned to the left.
The second area (selected count) has default/maximum of 320px (screenshots 1 and 3) and minimum width of 180px (screenshot 4).

Which brings me to the third area - status text. The area takes all the remaining width. The text is aligned to the left.
It looks well most of the time.

But during the thumbs creation (this is the best illustration) the status area shows the filenames, and some names can be ridiculously long. In that case the 3rd area (status) is enlarged and the second area (selected) is reduced to the minimum (180px).

That was bothering me before. But now, with the thumbs index/count it bothers even more. Both areas keep changing their widths during thumb creation and it is hard to find where index/count value is located.

Look at these screenshots:

The left side of the status area (with blue square animation) keeps moving.

My suggestion is to add some INI tweak, specifying the width of the second area (selected items). So there will be no movement caused by quickly changing long text-lines in status area.

Other INI tweak can also help - "Show filenames while creating thumbs". If the filenames are not shown in the status bar during thumbs creation there is no chance to experience the mentioned problem.

And one other suggestion: I am always in favor of the "thousands separator" in any large numbers, but the values like 111/1 537 (3rd screenshot) are hard to read. 111 / 1 537 , 111 / 1537 or even 111/1537 would be more comfortable. Or the longest one: 111 of 1 537.

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