Opening multiple audio files at once

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Opening multiple audio files at once

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My usual method of opening an album is by selecting all the files in a folder and pressing enter. This will create a playlist for the album in my media player (I use winamp). I don't need a m3u playlist file like this. But when I try to do that in the xyplorer, it opens them one after another, forgetting the old track and opening a new one. If there are too many tracks it will lock down my computer.
I would like the windows file explorer behaviour in xyplorer. (Except, if it is not too much to ask, a little more care with the order in which tracks are opened. With the win file explorer, if I click on the first track and then select the rest with ctrl+a, the tracks are put in the correct order in winamp. But when I click on the first track, then shift click on the last track to select all, the last track ist first and only the rest is in correct order.)

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Re: Opening multiple audio files at once

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I don't use Winamp, I use MPC-HC instead. When selecting multiple mp3's in XY both ways you described they play after each other in correct order in MPC-HC.

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