Extra Columns Types

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Extra Columns Types

Post by fishgod » 19 May 2019 13:37

Is it possible to add a few Display-Types for the Extra Columns, so that Extra-Columns can show the contained Data in the same manner as Custom-Columns can do via Format.
Whats actually missing is:
  • Text Right-Aligned
  • Age
  • Bytes
I'am using the Extra-Columns as a Cache-System for scripted columns that are to heavy to retrieve at any browse.
Showing data directly from Tag-DB is so much faster than running a heavy script for a list of over a thousand items.

Instead of heaving Raw-Byte-Count in Extra-Column displayed formatted (e.g. as "xx,xx MB"), I need to do a workaround of adding a scripted custom-column (return tagitems('ex11',,<cc_item>);) and use the Format "Bytes" here.
I also think that having text right-aligned in extra columns should be possible without such a workaround.

I can live with that workaround for now, but it involves scripting. For performance-reasons I want to have as few as possible scripted columns.
Another point for having this directly and not with the workaround is that cache-entries for new items are created by a scripted column, and the scripted-columns returning the ex-tag-content is processed before the cache-update resulting in empty cells on the first load.
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Re: Extra Columns Types

Post by admin » 25 Jun 2019 18:09

I see your point, makes sense.

But I'm not sure at the moment how to implement this best. In Custom Columns we have two separate fields: Type and Format. In Extra Columns we only have Type. Needs some thinking first...
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