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Right Click Drag Enhancement

Posted: 17 May 2019 12:07
by jupe
I am a user of WinRAR and constantly use its right click drag shell menu items, so I have always had the XY native drag menu disabled, and so only experience it when I am testing etc. in a fresh instance, anyway I got to thinking that it might be beneficial if you were able to make it so that Ctrl+RightClick drag popped up the opposite menu to the one that is enabled in settings, ie. if the XY native menu was disabled it would pop the Shell menu, and if it was enabled, the XY menu, so you could use both easily without needing to go into settings.

Anyway just a suggestion, not really a wish, although I would regularly use it if implemented.

Re: Right Click Drag Enhancement

Posted: 14 Aug 2019 11:30
by admin
So, finally there's some time to catch up with older posts...

Yep, sounds like a good idea. I'll try to do that...

Re: Right Click Drag Enhancement

Posted: 15 Aug 2019 02:10
by jupe
Awesome!, works great. Thanks. 8)