Why I didn't bought XYP

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Why I didn't bought XYP

Post by Ashkelon » 20 Apr 2019 21:58


I am a newcomer on this forum and I greet you all.
I installed a XYPlorer test version 18.70 a few weeks ago and took the time to discover its capabilities.
I had lot of good surprises and I thought that I had finally discovered the file explorer I needed.

But ... unfortunately, I didn't find how to activate a very basic feature: having a double pane tree in front of the double list tree
as it's usually found on challenging softwares.

After spending an hour looking a lot of threads on this forum, I realized there was really no hope ...
Pity. For my own I can't do without. So, I acquired another software a little more expensive, but who has this feature.

Hoping that this feedback can be used by developers of XYPlorer to improve their product.

Have a peacefull Easter week-end.

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Re: Why I didn't bought XYP

Post by Nighted » 21 Apr 2019 06:42

18.70? lol!

The newest version is 19.90.0100....

18.70 is over 14 months old.

I hope you did not waste your money. Image

Don't feel bad though, in my youth I was quite profligate...I spent most of my money on bikes, booze and broads...the rest I wasted.
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Re: Why I didn't bought XYP

Post by PeterH » 21 Apr 2019 11:22

Sorry, but Ashkelon had an exact criteria he needs (or is used to), so he decided out of what he thinks is neccessary.

And he describes just this - doesn't bring XY down to the ground, as many others would. So I think his post is really ok.

I remember the discussion at that time, about dual tree. And I voted for it :ugeek: so I do understand this wish.
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Re: Why I didn't bought XYP

Post by 7iben » 21 Apr 2019 22:07

Yes, I also miss the dual tree.
I do not understand why it is not possible to turn this on ???

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