Elevated Security Context On File Operation (Move, Rename...)

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Elevated Security Context On File Operation (Move, Rename...)

Post by Zardoz2293 » 21 Jan 2019 16:21

The ability to elevate the security context from within XY is necessary to perform some file operations. Executing XY in always "administrative" mode to otherwise achieve is an unacceptable security risk. This is especially true in corporate environments where it is against security protocol to have application "always" executing in elevated security context when most operations it is not needed.
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Please give this serious consideration (perhaps User Configurable):

1. Automatically (if configured) elevate 'single operation' to Administrative, only when needed.
2. Prompt for #1 above.
3. Prompt for elevated security context AS whomever credentials for 'single operation'.

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Here is an interesting case. If you perform a "single" file rename you are prompted to elevate security to perform the one action (works as expected). HOWEVER, if you perform a multi-rename the action fails with the above dialog being displayed.

UAC (User Account Control) settings = "Notify me only when apps try to make changes to my computer (default)" > "Don't notify me when I make change to Windows settings" (see below)
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Thank you.
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Re: Elevated Security Context On File Operation (Move, Rename...)

Post by admin » 18 Feb 2019 17:42

This actually works. Or at least it is supposed to work and it does so here. How exactly are you moving, and which parts of the operation are UAC protected?

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