Paper folder zombies with offline devices

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Paper folder zombies with offline devices

Post by neil9090 » 04 Jul 2017 00:05

Hi Admin/Don,

Just wondering if you could build in a tweak to assume all paper folder items (or per paperfolder file?) are zombies

i.e. I have created paper folders of 50+ items, but might be offline when I what to find out which device has them stored so I can turn on that particular device to access them.

I have created numerous paper files, that point to either mount points (local hds) or network devices that may or may not be connected when I open/use the paper file. The only trouble is it can take a long time for XY to return from checking the existence of the files.

If there was an option to stop zombie checking for file existence details it would speed up the load of the paperfile load.
(assume all links to the files are offline and do nothing but show me the list in the paperfolder) (tags + custom columns I would expect to work as normal etc.)

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