Global Protected Folders

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Global Protected Folders

Post by neil9090 » 19 Apr 2017 22:49

I know Ghost Filters is a brilliant way of hiding folders etc., but I would like a global protected folder list that stops xy from deleting, moving, copying, renaming files into the folders listed. i.e. like a CDROM, maybe a list of folders that has a bit to determine if you can delete, rename, copy etc. within that folder structure.

(this can be done via permissions etc. not being logged in with permission to change etc...) but would be nice to if XY can do some protecting instead of hiding, some folders I would like left alone but not hidden, i.e. searchable etc. another workaround would be to enable ghostfiler and then disable it when needed.

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Re: Global Protected Folders

Post by highend » 19 Apr 2017 22:54

"Admin settings" in the help file -> DisallowedDirs...
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Re: Global Protected Folders

Post by neil9090 » 19 Apr 2017 23:51

Thanks Highend, another bit of the help I hadn't read.

Not 100% of my request, it would protect the folder from normal browsing, but doesn't allow it to be listed i.e. I would like a read only for a specific folder or folder tree.
but perhaps future customisation at the folder level in the admin.ini

Whilst playing with this setting I found these interesting results;

when you enter a Disallowed directory the double click doesn't take you back up a level like normal or the (X) button (would be nice if double click works)

If I type into the address bar C:\protectedfolder? /f it returns the results from the protected folder as well? (also the Normal Find also shows the files in the protected folders) <actually similar to what I want>

so the DisallowedDirs prevents the user from seeing the files in the protected folder but the search shows them but does prevent them from being renamed etc.

interesting; C:\test\?
shows the protected files in the folders

C:\test\protectedfolder - access blocked
but if I do
this returns the results of the protected folder
then c:\test\protectedfolder
access control error message
then c:\test\protectedfolder?
access control message "search location not allowed by access control"
then c:\test
then C:\test? <shows protected folder contents but prevents rename etc.

Not sure exactly if the results shouldn't be returned in a disallowed folder.

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