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Post by tiago » 28 Sep 2016 07:48

Single File Search would greatly benefit from auto filling the F3 dialog with clipboard content, assuming it's a path in line to be pasted.

Paste and Go could mimic 'Select Items...' on steroids by selecting multiple items if ctrl+v is pressed & the clipboard contains multiple file names or file paths.
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Re: smartness

Post by admin » 29 Sep 2016 08:56


Autofill is too smart, since it overwrites the previous entry.

But here is a tip:

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    > TIP: The Breadcrumb Bar's right-click menu command "Paste and Search" 
      nicely connects with Single File Search. You just need the full path to 
      something in the clipboard.

hmm, too smart IMO, or too early. Might interfer with other future ideas.
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