Auto Refresh Tab Change Problem

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Auto Refresh Tab Change Problem

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I've a similar issue as this topic:
viewtopic.php?f=5&t=19061&p=159858&hili ... rt#p159858

I've a folder with thousands of little folders, and even with cache enabled if you have enabled "Show folder Sizes" and sorted by size, each time it loads the tab takes 10-12 seconds.

I understand the loading times even with cache enabled, there are too many folders (not my decision), and i've disabled the autorefresh with the "watchIt" tweak, so when i do an operation it doesn't reload, but when i've it on a tab with the "lock location" enabled, when i open a new folder it opens in a new tab, but when i close that tab and returns to the "big folder" tab it refreshes all of it again taking 10-12 more seconds.

Is there anything i can do so when i return to that tab it doesn't autorefresh?

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Re: Auto Refresh Tab Change Problem

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Well, you should turn off "Show folder Sizes" in this tab.

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