Readfile()/Writefile() start/end parameters.

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Readfile()/Writefile() start/end parameters.

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Readfile() has [start] parameter, which appeared due to explained limitation: This command will not read more than 100 MB at a time. To read larger files use the "start" parameter and do it portion by portion. Except limitation reasons this parameter is useful in other situations, when one needs to exactly read not from the start. But lack of [end] parameters kinda hurts, as file must be read till the end and then manually cut in variable.
So, Reading "from" positions is good, but reading "till" - makes it better.

Another concern is Writefile() command, which can only save whole file. I'm not sure if XY can do the desired "insert write", i just guess, as reading raw is fine, why not writing.
Basically, writing inside already existing file, rewriting from [start] to [end] positions, would be useful to have.(yeap, hex editing goes scripting)
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