Preview Pane Image for folders?

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Preview Pane Image for folders?

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Since windows allows for customizing icons of folders with an image; it would be nice if a selected folder with a custom image would show the image in the preview panel. Even better and simpler to program would be to automatically show and image in the folder if named "Folder.jpg" or "folder.jpg". Then again perhaps the feature already exists and I just didn't notice yet. There are quite a lot of nice features, I do wish there were a better way to integrate regular explorer context menu items as not all seem to work properly from within XYplorer. Which is a shame... it's the only thing that prevents me from always using it as my default explorer.

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Re: Preview Pane Image for folders?

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Presently clicking on a folder, even if it has a nice thumbnail picture assigned to it, will not display the folder in the Preview Pane. I'm not sure if Don could do anything about that.

You may be interested in setting up a nice display of your folders in a zoom-to-fill mode as shown in this thread viewtopic.php?p=135520#p135520
Another thread you may be interested in is Gallery mode viewtopic.php?p=133987#p133987

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Re: Preview Pane Image for folders?

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These images are shown as thumbnails in thumbnail mode if you tick Configuration | Preview | Thumbnails | Show folder thumbnails.
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